Faye Knol, RN

Faye Knol, RN

Registered Nurse

p: 616-309-2762

e: faye@onsitewellnessllc.com

Faye brings many years of RN experience to OSW, and is passionate about helping people live well physically and emotionally.   Her past nursing experience has been in the hospital, rehab, home care, hospice, and discharge planning settings, with a focus on promoting wellness.   Keeping active and eating well has always been important to Faye, with her dad heavily influencing her life-long commitment to healthy food intake and personal wellness.   Meeting people and encouraging wellness as part of the OSW team brings Faye great pleasure.

Early morning workouts at the YMCA, keeping up with friends and family, photography, snowshoeing, reading and writing keep Faye busy in her personal life.  The married mother of three and proud grandma, Faye is the author of a recently published book which emphasizes living well and maintaining good relationships with a high quality of life.